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"We Are The Professional Difference In Dog Training"

Group Classes
You will come with your dog twice a week for a group session of 1 hour each for 8 times

Basic Group Class - Your Pet will learn to:                   $75.00
Walk on leash
Come on command
Static (stand or sit)
Heel, automatic sit
Sit Stay
Down Stay

Every Monday & Thursday 6 to 7 pm
(new classes start 1st Monday of each other month)

Advanced Group Class
Every Wednesday (must pass basic)       $120.00

Private Classes (4 different kinds)
Learn how to train your dog to be a good canine good citizen during an 8 week course which covers basic obedience. Classes meet once a week for an hour at your convenience. We teach you to train your dog.

1. Basic Private Class (includes 4 one hour classes, anytime for convenience) $300.00
2. Basic Private Class (includes 8 one hour classes, anytime) $600.00
3. At Home (includes 4 one hour classes at your convenience, anytime) $400.00
4. Hunting or advanced class (includes 8 one classes, anytime) $600.00

Boot Camp

1. Basic Obedience (dogs stay here for 10 days)

You will leave your dog with us for 10 days. We will train and treat your dog with love, patience, praise and firmness. Training is guaranteed for the life of the dog. Bring your doggy to training camp and let him become a good family members.

2. Hunting Boot Camp (dogs stay here for 20 days) $1000.00
3. Protection Boot Camp (dogs stay here for 20 days) $1000.00

(2 and 3 include, Obedience and behavior
modification but have to finish basic)



Overnight (24 hours) $25.00
Any additional dog $20.00
Extra Training (must have went through training program) $15.00
Cats or birds (other pets) $15.00

Doggy Day Camp 7:30-8:00 PM
We offer a full service day care center for your dog. Do your dog a favor and bring him to play at DOGGY DAY CAMP while you are working or shopping. Your dog will get plenty of exercise and attention at DAY CAMP. He will get to play with people and may be other dogs in the DOGGY DAY CAMP yard. You no longer have to worry about your dog being alone all day, nor will you have to worry about finding the time to exercise him.

Full Service Day Care Camp $15.00
Bath $35.00
Nails $15.00


(361) 991-0728 FAX (361) 980-1014
7009 Terrier St. Corpus Christi, TX 78414
Contact Master Trainer at mastertrainertony@msn.com